Saturday, July 7, 2018

First week of July

The kids and I went to Tyler for the 4th of July.  Poor Ari had to stay in Dallas to work.  

Here is Maya meeting her cousins Keaton and Eden. 

Maya really loved her Aunt Julie too.  

I think this may have only been Tiara's second time ever to hold a baby!

Look at this silly girl sleeping through her diaper change.  She looks like a little doll here. 

She woke up after the diaper change though. 

I tried to get a picture of all the kids ready for the 4th of July to send Ari. This was the best one. 

I think this one was my favorite though.  You can't get a baby to smile all the time. She sure looks festive though.  
Maya had a great time on the fourth of July, and everyone held her, but I was too busy with four kids and the pool to get any pictures! 

Maya was happy to get back to Dallas to see her daddy though. 

On Friday I took Tahl to see the Lion King touring show.  

Here we are before it started. 

Here is Tahl afterward missing one very important thing from his mouth!  
Can't wait for that tooth fairy! 

Tuesday, July 3, 2018


Maya turned two months old today! She felt really super about it! 

Her cheeks are getting bigger and her little legs too.  We love chubby babies over here, and this hungry girl is trying to make our dreams come true. 

I love funny baby faces. 

The boys all wanted her to take a break from her pictures to be with them. 

I got two more pictures of her sitting up on the couch after the first set.  I think sitting may work better, but I'm not sure my pink blanket is big enough! 

This sweet girl is already sleeping 8 hours at night.  She is pretty good at tummy time and has a strong neck.  She is almost smiling.  She wants to smile at us, and she is trying.  She loves rocking with her mom, snuggles, milk, and looking at faces. She likes to copy people when they stick our their tongue.  Everyone in our family LOVES her, and we are so happy she's been with us for (almost) two months! 

Saturday, June 30, 2018

Rest of June

Here is Zev with his rocks after their first tumble.   He will keep making this set go through three more rounds. 

This is us one morning on the way to camp.  This minivan has its high points. 

After camp, depending on Maya's schedule, some days Isaac and I fed her in the block area in the big room before driving home.  Here is Isaac showing me a block that looks like a pair of underwear.  Ha. 

This is his creation that day.  I was pretty impressed. 

Isaac and I got to go to the hospital to meet baby Gabe, Rebecca's little boy.  Isaac loves that his name is Gabriel Isaac. 

Maya is getting pretty strong during tummy time! 

She also LOVES to stretch out. 

Here is everyone out at the pool on the weekend.  The boys love to swim all the time. 

Maya mostly did this... 

I think she looks like a little doll sometime when she sleeps. 

Also sometime when she eats! 

Here is Maya again with Rebecca's Gabe at his bris. 

This is a picture I got of Zev one day after Camp Chai.  He wanted to go climb "his tree" to read.  How cute is he? 

I tried really hard to get a picture of Maya smiling one morning. 



Here!  This was as close as I got.  

Sunday, June 17, 2018

June pictures

I have some random pictures from June on my phone.  This is poor Maya's one month doctor's appointment.  She did not love her heel stick. 

Here she is sleeping in her swing.

We have been doing lots of swimming. 

Here is Zev trying to get across the pool with only one breath. 

This guy still loves to read up in a tree. 

Isaac got to go up to help with Shabbat for his birthday.  He was SO excited. 

He also loves to "show everyone how cute my baby is."  He is the proudest big brother. 

Ari and I celebrated our 11th anniversary! We are so lucky to have been in love for so many years. I posted this picture of us from 7th grade to facebook, so people could see how cute and tiny we were on our first date. 

Here is Miss Maya so sweet and all dressed up for her sip and see party. 

She got some cute outfits, some diapers, and lots of loving. 

Here she is with some of my oldest mom friends.  I was so happy they came to celebrate her.

These are all the ladies (minus one) from my Israel trip.  It was so fun to see them again last week.