Sunday, September 17, 2017

September fun

September has been a very busy month for us so far.  We have been getting back into the swing of school and regular schedules.  We also have new activities this year. Last weekend Zev and Isaac had earned a sleep over together.  When I came in to get them in the morning, this is what I saw.  I thought maybe a rock band had destroyed the room, but it was just Hurricane Zev, as usual. 

After he cleaned up the room, he did some yard work with Ari.  This kid loves to use the weed eater. 

I heard a stool in the kitchen being dragged one morning while I was putting on my makeup. I went in to check out what Isaac was up to, and I found him helping himself to a peach.  He is getting too big for me. 

We went to Arbor Hills Nature Preserve with our friends again one morning last week.  It is nice and shady in this still hot Texas fall. 

Also these boys love to look for sticks, bugs, and animals.  

Zev had used some money that he saved up to order a bunch of Lego Ninjago mini-figures from China. It took them a few weeks to come, and here he is so happy after we set them all up. 

Here is Isaac at soccer practice after his jersey came in. 

He is the cutest ever. 

In Isaac's classroom at school, the teachers have turned their dramatic play area into an airport.  Isaac loves to be the pilot of the airplane. 

Tahl's teacher is also great this year about posting pictures of the kids on Facebook. 

It is so fun to see him enjoying himself in first grade throughout the day. 

Here is some footage of Isaac's first soccer game this weekend. The good news was that he didn't cry and he played almost the whole game.  The bad news was that he mostly thinks that he should run back and forth and throw himself down on the bumpers.  We have lots more games to learn though.  In the mean time, the kids are all so cute to watch out there!

Isaac's Halloween costume arrive a little bit early.  I can hardly get him to take it off. 

Hopefully it will still be in good shape by Halloween because he sure does love being Captain Barnacles.  
This first year in a while that I've failed in talking the boys into being something that goes together.  Oh well, I gave it my best shot. 

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Labor Day Road Trip!

Ari and I had two free hotel nights that were expiring before the end of the year, so we decided to take the boys on a little Labor Day trip.  We got up early Saturday morning and headed out for Austin.  In Austin we took the kids to the Thinkery to play. Isaac was soaking wet of course. 

Zev even found enough to do and see. 

How cute are these two guys? 

All of the boys loved the water room. 

Zev found an inventive way to try to dry off. 

Isaac was getting soaked AGAIN and loving it. 

Zev and I had a lot of fun mixing and matching our faces together. 

The guys liked this area where you build and shoot different gliders to try to get them through the hoop. 

After we left the museum, we went to an area of town with food trucks to get something to eat.  Then we went to see the bats fly up from under the Congress Street bridge. 

You can see them better in this picture. 

Zev got a hold of my phone and took a few more...

... including this one.

Here are two bats that didn't make it away from us somehow... 

Sunday morning, we showed the boys the campus and took them to breakfast at Kirby Lane.  Then we went on to San Antonio to the Hyatt resort. I told the boys I wanted some pictures, but I didn't ask for these amazing poses. 

This was more what I had in mind. 

We spent the day swimming, floating in the lazy river, and digging in the sand.  That night after a dinner in our hotel room, we went to play on the play ground and have s'mores. 

These boys can't keep their eyes open in a flash, just like dad. 

On Monday we went swimming again for a few hours. 

Zev really really loves to dig. 

He also liked getting buried, but he is NOT a mermaid.  He's a dolphin, just so you know. 

Isaac loved to go down the water slide in Ari and I's lap. 

Ari does a better job at it though! 

Before we drove home, we had to visit the Alamo. Isaac was not very interested, but the bigger boys liked the weapons and the "living history" characters who were giving presentations. 

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Isaac's first week of school!

Isaac has been asking all week when his first day of school would be. He was so excited that it was finally his turn. I tried to get one picture of all three boys, and this was the best I could do. 

Here is Isaac with his first day sign.  He is 3, 33 pounds, and 37 inches. He loves to swim and play outside.  His favorite color is green, his teachers are Chani (who Tahl had in Pre-K) and Wendy. He wants to be CAPTAIN BARNACLES when he grows up.  His favorite book right now "every book in my room!" Isaac loves to hear stories, especially his favorites, over and over. 

Here we are at his school on the first day. He wasn't sure about taking a picture with me instead of going in, but he was flexible. 

Isaac had another big first this week too. 

He had his first soccer practice, and he really loved it. Hopefully he will like the games just as much.