Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Week after Christmas...

The day after Christmas, we had a real mess... 

Two days later we went to Going Bonkers to entertain ourselves while Ari had to work. 

Ari has been so busy around the house.  He built us a new place to put our back packs. 

Tahl got his last Christmas present a new "Safari Surprise" cat in the mail from my cousin! He was so excited. He had to get all of his three families together for a picture.  His new Leopard is named "Almond Joy." Her babies are all candy themed, Snickers, Tootsie, Reeses, and her adopted kitten, Oreo. If anyone is keeping count, he now has three moms and ten baby cats. 

Isaac and Zev got their Harry Potter sheets and room stuff from Buby and Buster for Hanukkah! 

Ari and I got them this print. 

Ari is busy building a desk for our previous dining room.  More pictures to come! 

We did some poppers outside on the freezing NYE. 

Our sparklers didn't work though. 

The boys were cleaning all week getting ready for Buby and Buster to visit! 

We did some celebrating though at Day 1 (benefiting Vogel Alcove). 

It was COLD, but we still saw some awesome fireworks at Fair Park! 

We can't wait to see what this year has in store for us! We have a trip to Thailand and a new baby just to start with! 

Monday, December 25, 2017

Christmas Day!

Santa came to our house! 

Isaac got a Buzz Light Year, a Paw Patroller car, an Air Patroller, and some PJ Masks pajamas!

Zev got a giant automatic Nerf gun, lots of Nerf bullets, a rock tumbler, and gift card for a tennis racket. 

Tahl got a "Safari Surprise" cat, two different fingerlings, and a fingerlings playground. 

The boys were so excited to go open their presents! 

Tahl picked out this Paw Patrol book for Isaac himself over Thanksgiving. 

After we opened our Santa gifts we had breakfast, and then we opened more gifts from Mimi and Pops and Gram. 

Isaac LOVES his Everest "stuffie." 

My mom got some action shots of the boys actually playing with their presents. 

Tahl brought out the cats he already had to meet the new cats (Mittens, Snowball, Sleigh, and Candy Cane.)

Zev loves his new gun. 

Here is a picture of Mimi with her boys! 

I thought hers was so cute that I needed one too. 

We even remembered to get a family shot! 

After we played for a while, we went to the movies and picked up Chinese food.  We do Christian/Jewish very well! 

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Christmas Eve!

We didn't go to Tyler this year for Christmas, so we wanted to get out and do something fun! We went to the Fair Park Aquarium on the afternoon of Christmas Eve. 

We saw some creepy eels. 

The big boys love to talk, play, and imagine together anywhere we go.

Zev and I were the only ones brave enough to touch the stingrays. 

After we left the aquarium we went to the Dallas Museum of Art because Zev has been begging to go back for years. 

The boys loved the ancient art from different civilizations.  Here is Z with a Monet.

This is the only artist Isaac knows, Pollock, from the Olivia book where she copies his art and gets a time out at home. 

When we got home, we had a fun fajita dinner with Mimi, read books, and left out cookies for Santa.  It was a great day! 

Friday, December 22, 2017

Twas the week before Christmas!

The boys were so excited about winter break.

We spent our first morning at the trampoline park with the Whitakers. 

We finally got a sonogram picture of the baby!  She looks perfect. 

I walked in one morning and found Isaac fixing his own hair. 

He may have about $4 worth of gel in it. 

You know you must be the third kid when your mom lets you wear mismatched pajamas with soccer socks out in public... I just don't have the time for this fight anymore.

We went to play street with Maddie and Ella. 

The boys always love to play with these girls!

Zev looks so old in this picture! 

After our viewing of "Home Alone" Zev was inspired to defend his room. 

The boys finalized their letters to Santa... 

We can't wait for the big day!