Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Cousin time!

Isaac and I went to the arboretum one more time to see the pumpkins and play with cousins.

He played with Macey, my cousin Ashlyn's baby. Isn't she precious?

He took a few pictures for me. 

Here I am with Eden, Macey, and Isaac.  Tahl was so jealous that he didn't get to spend the day playing with Eden. 

Isaac was most excited to get his face painted! 

Macey watched him, and she wanted to try it too! 

Here Isaac is a tiger eating a sheep! 

We got one big family photo of my Aunt Julie, my Aunt Lisa, Macey, Shelbie, Eden, me, and Isaac.

This is what Isaac looked like after a delicious lunch at Chic-fil-a.  He still thought he looked great though! 

 This day also happened to be crazy hair day at school.

 Zev had a Mohawk with some gray hair spray on it! 

 Tahl just had this wig. 

 That night we went to cub scouts to make our pumpkins.

This is Zev's original design, thought I did help him carve it a little. 

He won the award for grossest pumpkin in the cub scouts! He was super excited about it. 

Tahl made a bat that I forgot to get a picture of. It was from a stencil, and it turned out pretty cute. 

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Busy month!

October has been a very busy month around here! 

While Ari was out of town last week the boys and I went to STEM night at school.

 Tahl had a great time seeing reptiles, touching fur, learning about light, and observing bugs.  Tahl really loves science as much as Zev, but he just doesn't realize it yet. 

There are no pictures of Z because he was busy being in heaven looking at everything!  The geology table told me he was the only kid all night who already knew all three kinds of rocks.  Isaac was busy playing with balloons and wearing this new hat. 

The boys won this awesome color changing cup for a prize.  T likes tricking people that he is drinking something with food coloring when the only thing in the cup is water. 

I've been in charge of the book fair at the preschool for years.  This year my mom got a picture of Isaac and I while I was volunteering there on grandparents day.

Isaac loved having Mimi there on grandparents day to show her his classroom. 

That same day on Friday night Zev had his belt test to go from an orange belt to a green belt.

 He has been working toward this for a long time, and he so excited to be moving up to intermediate classes. 

T was excited to jump in our picture.

Mimi had come to watch Zev get his belt. 

Isaac was cheering for him the whole time.  After Zev kicked a board in half, Isaac yelled, "Hooray for Zev! He is the winner! He gets a trophy!"

 Here is Z on first day wearing his new uniform.

He looks awesome in all his new sparing gear.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

The Fair!

Yesterday we did one of our favorite things and went to the fair! 

I pulled the big boys out of school early to go on a less busy day with cheaper rides. 

The first thing we did was get some corny dogs! 

Then Z rode a roller coaster. 

Isaac rode a motorcycle. 

Then he rode a speedy car that he really liked. 

Next the big boys rode a scary haunted house ride.  Tahl loved it, but Z thought it was "lame." 

We ate a funnel cake and then Isaac and I rode on the log ride together.  He LOVED it. 

We got a family photo (very rare for us) in front of the Texas forever painting.  

We went to the farm to play like we do each year. 

After the farm we happened to hear a call for the pee wee rodeo.  Tahl and Isaac decided to try it. 

Tahl competed in the "bare back" contest where he hoped around on his horse. 

He ended up being the best hopper there was! 

Isaac and his group were just knocking over a "bull." 

Isaac did not win, and he told me "someone stole my trophy."  

Tahl actually got to take this home! He was so proud of his rodeo trophy. 

We got one only okay picture in front of Big Tex. 

Then we went to play in the cars. 

The boys were pretty sure that we need to buy this truck. 

That is, until they saw a convertible! 

... or maybe a nice yellow sports car... 

Isaac wants a race car! 

Before we left Tahl and I rode a roller coaster. 

No day with rides would be complete without pictures of Tahl's ride faces! 

I love this guy's faces. We had such a great time at the fair.  We also loved the music show we saw (twice) and the magic show too.